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Isn't she that chick from the Radio?

You are right! My background is in media, radio, TV, music and entertainment. I have spent an awesome part of my career as a presenter at triple j, Unearthed, Double J and ABC Sydney. I love radio and the connection with the listeners. I am definitely a people person.

I was appointed with the Attorney Generals Department in 2016. My approach to weddings is modern. No awkward, old school language in my weddings ever.

Talking to people is my favourite thing so why not help you create the best vibe for your wedding day, birthday party, commitment ceremony, renewal of vows, baby naming, pet welcome (yes I am a big dog fan).

I love weddings and ceremonies of occasions as they bring all your friends and family together at once. How cool is that? It is your day as a couple to show everyone how unreal you are and have a wonderful party. I make these things legal and am with you from the beginning. I talk to you and learn what kind of a Ceremony you want? My motto is fun, laughter, class, love, sprinkled with your stories. I am also a big lover of great quality sound and have a kick ass PA with radio mic and headset with Bluetooth and USB so your favourite songs can be played to make your Ceremony complete.

Having spent many years talking with all age demographics in the media, I can cater your Ceremony to be inclusive for all family and friends, from all walks of life.

I am so happy Marriage Equality is now a reality in Australia.  Best 2017 ever.

Love Rosie x

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